Verändern Smartphones den Umgang mit Büchern?

Diese These vertritt Craig Morgan Teicher in seinem Artikel in Publishers Weekly. Gebe bei dieser Gelegenheit zu, dass auch ich für alle Fälle eine Reihe von Ebooks auf meinem BlackBerry mit mir herumtrage …

Want to bring along a library of great books wherever you go, from current bestsellers to the classics? To quote Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone slogan, “There’s an app for that.” Without question, the proliferation of smartphones is rapidly changing the way we think about mobile computing—and in the coming months and years, they may very well change the way we think about books.


With such a robust emerging market for smartphones, publishers are actively reimagining the very notion of the e-book, creating book-based apps that both enable mobile reading and enhance their books.

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